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Our Story

Quality, unique, beautiful, customized... these are just a few of the words that describe this passion of ours, called wood-working. A combination of enjoyment, creativity, and lack of quality elsewhere, American-made goods these days led us to launch into this family business venture in 2018 known as Grizzly Family Customs. As new opportunities arise, we continue to rise to the challenge - and love every minute of it. We love taking our visions and the visions of others and turning them into beautiful realities. So take a look through our portfolio, where most of our projects and commissions are pictured, and get in touch with us for a personalized quote! 

Closeup of freshly cut logs




Closeup of freshly cut logs

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1841 NM 170, La Plata, NM 87418, USA

970.749.3888 / 530.613.3272

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